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What is Azahar?

Azahar Azahar is an IT platform for the installation and use of applications on computers, tablets and smartphones. It is intended for people with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders) and/or Intellectual Disabilities. However, it can also be useful for other people who find it difficult to use conventional devices and Apps.

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How are the Azahar applications installed?

Under the tab “Downloads” on the Azahar website, the installer for the base platform for each operating system can be downloaded. The different Azahar applications can also be found on the website. The different Azahar modules or applications do not depend on the operating system and work on any of those supported by Azahar.

In summary, the installation process for Azahar is as follows:

  1. Download the platform installer for the correct operating system (Windows or Android).
  2. Run the installer. If the installation process is completed successfully, the platform is installed.

For further information on how to install Azahar, there is a specific section of the Tutor’s Guide which can be obtained under the Downloads tab.

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Where do I start and what steps should I follow?

The steps to be followed in order to use Azahar and its different applications are:

  1. Install the Azahar platform.
  2. Install the desired applications.
  3. Download the Tutor’s Guide to customize the application (only for Windows Systems).
  4. Download the Pedagogical Guide for the downloaded application(s).

Before starting to customize Azahar, if you are going to ue Windows Systems, it is important to read the Tutor’s Guide carefully, as it will facilitate the use of the Tutor tool and help to customize the different applications. With Android operating system, applications can be custumized within Azahar App by using the configuration menu. Before the user runs any of the applications, the relevant pedagogical guide should be read and a personalized plan drawn up according to the needs and preferences of the user.

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How is Azahar customized?

Azahar the applications can be customized as per the needs of each user. The tutor or person in charge of the Azahar user will be responsible for customizing each application. By tutor, we mean any person, family member, carer or friend of the Azahar user. The tutor must have basic computer skills and, more importantly, be familiar with the needs and preferences of the person who will be using the programme. The “Tutor” programme is a tool for managing and personalizing all matters regarding the Azahar application on Windows Systems. This programme (and the equivalent configuration options on Android system) allows you a maximum level of customization of the Azahar application(s) for the user. The tutor must therefore take careful consideration of the characteristics and needs of the person who is to use the applications, in terms of tastes, preferences, sensory needs and cognitive profile. Based on these considerations the tutor can set the complexity level of each application in order for it to be easier or more difficult for the user to handle.

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Who can use Azahar o Who is it intended for?

Azahar has been created for use by people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and/or intellectual disability. However, it is useful for any person with special needs who encounters barriers when completing any of the tasks covered by the different applications. By people with special needs we mean those whose conditions and/or the barriers they encounter in certain contexts and/or technologies, find it hard to:

  • Manage their own music. In this case they may benefit from using the application MUSIC.
  • Communicating any aspect of requirement of their daily life orally, and for whom it is easier to communicate using images. These people may use the application HELLO, as it is a communicator using simple images or the construction of sentences using images.
  • Communicating things about themselves, for example their preferences, daily activities, etc. In this case they may use PERSONAL GUIDE, “a tool for people around me to get to know me”.
  • Understanding and managing the concept of time and/or the use of conventional clocks. This group of people can use the application TIC-TAC.
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What devices can run Azahar?

Azahar is compatible with Windows and Android operating systems.

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How can I exit Azahar?

To ensure the Azahar user cannot accidentally exit the application in use, there is a password to allow the tutor to exit using a combination of keys (only for Windows Systems). This combination, regardless of the device used, consists of pressing the cursor keys as follows: Left, right, left. In the case of devices with a touch screen, to exit Azahar you need to touch the screen in three different places, one after the other: bottom left corner, top right corner and bottom left corner.

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What images and sounds can be used?

Azahar allows the creation and modification of Multimedia Images. This means users can add any sound and image they wish. The accepted image file formats are JPG, GIF, BMP and SVG. The accepted sound file formats are MP3 and WAV. For efficiency purposes it is recommended that you use JPG and GIF formats for images and MP3 for sounds. To learn how to add and modify images, consult the Tutor’s Guide.

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I can’t hear sounds on Azahar..

Some versions of Windows require the installation of a Microsoft library in order to hear the Azahar sounds correctly. This library can be downloaded from the following link: Link to Microsoft library vcredist (2.6MB).After downloading this auto run file, install it following the install manager instructions.

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How can I change the application screen background color?

To change the background color for an application, the background color of the launch icon must be changed. In other words, if we want a green background color when using a timer, listening to a song or for any other application elements, we must select green as the background color for the timer icon or the image we choose. On Windows Systems, the icon background color is selected in the Tutor application, under the tab “Gallery” for any of the applications. Go to “See images”. Select the image you wish to change, press “modify” and choose a background color for this icon. In this way, the color we select for this icon will become the background color for that application. This is done to make it easier for the user to understand. On Android system, colour can be changed by using the configuration menu, editing the element you wish to modify.

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Can I insert picture from my digital camera to Azahar?

Yes, you can insert images in several formats (JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG). These are the most commonly used formats. You only have to be careful with large images . Azahar automatically adjusts inserted images to the correct resolution. However, inserting large images can result in the device freezing, so in this case we recommend scaling them down beforehand using a photo viewer.

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